Date of Birth does not match the one on file

When you register for Online Repeats with your pharmacy, you will be asked for your date of birth.

This is used to verify your identity and as a security measure with this service.

Your pharmacy will send you an email to register for the service. The link will take you to a page as shown below.

Remember to use a password of at least 6 characters which is a mix of letters and numbers.

You also have to input your date of birth.

If you put in a different date of birth to the one in your pharmacy's records, a message will appear on the screen after you click "continue". If you have made a typing mistake you can then correct it.

However after three attempts you will get an "Account Locked" message. This may mean that the pharmacy has your details incorrectly recorded. The pharmacy will contact you directly to resolve this issue. Alternatively you may contact your pharmacy directly if you wish.

Once your date of birth has been confirmed with your pharmacy, they will send you an email with a new link to click.

Using this link resubmit your details and you should see a "Registration Successful" message like the one below.



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