How do I add new medications to my list?

To add medication to your medication list select "Edit Medication" on your Online Repeats Dashboard.

Your Medication List will display with a "New" button at the end of your list.

If you have a multiple items in your list this button may not be visible until you scroll down the page within your browser.


Clicking the "New" button opens the "Add" an item tool as below



Type the name of the item you wish to add and then select the item from the dropdown list. Very occasionally the item you require will not be displayed, in which case simply free type the name detailed on a previous prescription.



Enter the quantity normally prescribed by your Doctor and how often the prescription is issued and then click the "Add" button.


Please Note

Do not add items to your Medication List that have not been approved as a Repeat item by your Doctor as we will be unable to dispense unapproved items.

Be aware that our system will not send you email reminders until after you have ordered the item online for the first time




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