I’ve received an email reminder - my repeats are not due yet


Our reminders are sent out well in advance of the actual dispensing due date to allow us sufficient time to process your order. 


The order process is as follows

  • Typically we contact your GP to request your prescription on the next working day after we receive your request. This can take up to 3 days if there is a weekend in between you ordering and us requesting.
  • Your GP may require between 2 and 4 days notice before they issue the prescription
  • We will then arrange collection of your prescription and our system allows a day for this.
  • Once we have collected the prescription we require up to 2 days to order in your medication and prepare the prescription.
  • Once prepared we will email you advising you that your medication has been prepared.

So depending on the lead times required and where weekends fall within the order process, we will send you an email reminder anywhere up to 9 days in advance of the actual date on which you medication is due.

We won’t however dispense until within a couple of days of your actual dispensing due date.

Getting timely reminders ensures you never run out and we don't disappoint by not having an item in stock when your cycle renews.


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