I have not received a Registration email


Please carry out the following steps until the Issue is resolved


1. Check that your email is working 

First things first - test your own email system is working by sending an email to yourself. The email should both send and almost immediately be received. If no email arrives the problem lies with your own email system.


2. Check your "Junk" , "Spam" & "Deleted" folders

Check your “Junk” and “Spam” folders and if one of our emails has landed in these folders, mark the email as NOT “Junk” or “Spam”.

Now check to see if there are any unintended deleted emails in your email “Bin”

Add our email address to your “Safe Senders” list.

Please check your “Spam” or “Junk” email filter rules are not blocking our emails.

If you find "Junk" or "Spam" filters have caused the issue then the problem should now be resolved.


3. Are we sending the email to the correct email address?

Email our Pharmacy directly using the email address you supplied us with on the Consent form. Ask us to confirm we have received your email and to check that we have correctly entered your email address in our system.

If we have made a typo we apologise for our error and we will resend the Registration email.

If you still do not receive the Registration email we will need to investigate further.


The steps above will resolve the majority of potential problems - if they do not please follow carefully the instructions in Step 4


4. Your email Provider

Sometimes in an attempt to cut down on the amount of “Spam” or unauthorised email, email service providers place filters upstream of our “In Boxes”. Occasionally these filters can trap legitimate mail.

To check that the problem is not linked to a specific email address in relation to our Repeats emails, please email our Pharmacy directly from an alternative email address.

This email address used needs to be supplied by a different email provider

In the email ask us to re-register you on our system using this alternative email address.

If you do not already have access to an alternative email address, create a free gmail or hotmail email address for this purpose.

If you receive a registration email to the alternative email address this will establish that there has been a specific problem with the previous email address used.

You can investigate this further with your email service provider if necessary.

If you do not receive a registration email to the alternative email address , please contact our IT provider directly on explaining the issue you are experiencing.

It is important that you include details of both failed email addresses.


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